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A classic design on a professional-grade cycling jersey made of wool is a testament to timeless style and high-performance functionality. This cycling jersey, crafted from high-quality and durable wool, provides exceptional comfort and moisture management. Wool offers excellent insulation and moisture-wicking properties, keeping cyclists dry and comfortable even during intense rides.
The classic design of this cycling jersey pays homage to the cycling heritage. The jersey boasts a timeless, minimalist aesthetic that suits modern races and nostalgic rides. It embodies the enduring charm of vintage cycling apparel while maintaining modern functionality. The jersey features a slim fit, aerodynamic shaping, and wind resistance.
The jersey's color palette is unique, combining different shades and textures of wool to create a captivating look with texture, depth, and character to the overall design.
It includes a high collar that not only adds to the vintage charm of the jersey but also provides additional protection against wind and sunburn. A concealed full-length zipper discreetly placed at the front ensures easy ventilation and temperature control during long rides.
You'll find three spacious rear pockets strategically located at the back of the jersey. These pockets are designed to quickly access essential items such as energy gels, snacks, a pump, and more. The classic jersey design seamlessly incorporates these pockets without compromising the overall aesthetics.
The sleeves are designed to be snug yet comfortable, ensuring they stay in place during sprints and the most demanding climbs.
This woolen jersey combines the best of both worlds: a timeless and elegant design reminiscent of sports heritage and modern performance features that cater to the needs of modern cyclists. Whether a professional rider or a dedicated enthusiast, this jersey embodies the perfect fusion of style and functionality for your cycling adventures."

LS Retro Wool Black Jersey


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