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During the late 80's, the cycling scene was booming, and the European sport became more popular worldwide.


The growing interest in cycling brought courage and boldness to cycling clothing designers, and suddenly, many colors were added to the professional peloton.

Besides the cycling scene, the 80s were the peak of the automotive world through which people expressed their status, and the model you chose was more than a vehicle; it was a social statement.


As a tribute to those years, we came out with a Coupe jersey that connects the world of cars to the world of bicycles thanks to a design in the spirit of the time that included leather gloves, unique sunglasses, fast cars, a rectangular design and of course a clean style.

The jersey cut is "club" and characterized by maximum comfort that sits on the body in a less tight and more flattering way.


The shirt's structure combines a two-dimensional fabric for quick evaporation and a mesh on the side of the shirt for maximum air circulation. A mesh panel in the armpit area without seams for comfort and additional ventilation.

A full zipper in the center of the jersey and three back pockets complete this beautiful and unique item.


Club Coup׳e Jersey


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