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It's cold outside, but not cold enough to wear a jacket, and too cold to use only arm-warmers. 

We know this dilemma, and this is why we came out with the all-new CRUX Jersey.


The CRUX long sleeve jersey is the perfect protection layer your body needs when the temperature is around 12°C~18°C. The jersey fabric is lightweight, feels great on the skin, and is elastic for maximal comfort.

When it's getting colder, you can add a base layer and a vest for additional protection.


You can find three pockets in the back panel and another hidden pocket with a zipper for keys, change, credit card, etc. 


Performance is only one part of the CRUX's DNA, and the other part is style. So we gave an extra touch of style in the little details of the jersey, so you can feel great and look unique while using it.


Key Features:

  • Temperature range of 12°C~18°C (8°C~18°C with a base-layer and a vest) 
  • Three back pockets and a hidden pocket with a zipper.    
  • Race fit
  • Elastic and lightweight fabric
  • Good looking piece of garment   

Red Crux Jersey


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