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The all-new Pro Inferno jersey is an excellent solution for coping with the hot summer weather while maintaining comfort during cycling. The thoughtful design and fabric choices are focused on providing maximum ventilation and sweat evaporation.
Using a 3D wide-density mesh for the front and side panels is a great choice, as it allows for better airflow, keeping the body cooler and more comfortable during rides. Rapid sweat evaporation is essential for preventing discomfort and heat-related issues, and this mesh fabric is tailored to address that need.

Using an elastic fabric for the back panel is also clever. It ensures a snug fit and creates a second-skin layer, improving aerodynamics and reducing drag during cycling. A well-fitted jersey can significantly enhance the overall cycling experience.
The "less is more" design philosophy is apparent in the jersey's structure and fabric combination. Instead of relying on flashy graphics or complicated patterns, the focus is on functionality and performance.


The solid coloring further emphasizes simplicity and provides versatility, making it easy to pair the jersey with black bibs or other cycling attire.
Overall, the Inferno jersey seems like a well-thought-out and well-designed cycling garment, perfect for tackling the challenges of hot summer rides while keeping cyclists comfortable and looking stylish. The creators have considered cyclists' needs and translated them into practical and aesthetically pleasing products.

Pro Inferno jersey Red


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