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What is Olam? Olam means world (by definition), but to us, it means something great, huge, and special – which is exactly why our new summer jersey got its name!

The Jinga Olam jersey is our new top-of-the-line, high-end cut, made from the most advanced materials and designed with zero compromises.

The jersey consists of three fabrics: a thin, light-weight body designed to allow sweat to evaporate at record speed; special mesh for the sleeves to allow airflow and a super-light feel; and a more stable fabric for the three back pockets, adapted to withstand high pressure and low wear. A fourth pocket can be found on the side, perfectly placed to hold car keys or any other small valuables.

A ride wearing the Olam jersey is the pinnacle of comfort and airy flow you’ve been looking for!

Olam Black Jersey


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