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We took our beloved All-Round II shorts and reconstructed them from A to Z for better comfort and top performance; the results are excellent, and we are glad to introduce the all-new Evo Baggy Shorts.


The new Evo Baggy Shorts use light but durable fabric that allows your legs to move freely, empowering you to take any ride without limiting your range of motion.

We have added two side pockets with zippers so you can finish your ride with the car keys with you and not in the bushes.


Speaking of comfort, the new shorts are using our new and updated cut for a better ergonomic fit.


Key features:

  • stretchable but yet durable fabric
  • New ergonomic fit
  • Two side pockets with a zipper
  • Adjustable waist size
  • Clasped by two buttons


Evo Baggy Shorts Black


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