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An aggressive XC training day, a down country ride, or fast enduro fun in the woods. No matter where you are heading (as long you're not going to wear it on the road), our new All-Round II shorts are the perfect match for you.


Ok, we've written a nice intro, but what is special about the All-Round II shorts?

They are very stretchable and move with your body while pedaling. Although the shorts stretch fabric, they will protect you from bruises and scratches thanks to the unique fabric. 


The shorts are available in several sizes, but you can easily adjust each one of them with internal velcro straps.

The upper panel of the back part of the shorts is made of stretchable and breathable fabric for a better fit and better heat management. 


What about storage? Easy, the shorts have three pockets: two are on the sides, and one is zippered in the back.    


Key features:

  • stretchable but yet durable fabric
  • Three pockets. One pocket with a zipper
  • Adjustable waist size
  • Clasped by two buttons


All Around Shorts II


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