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NDOOR riding has become increasingly popular, whether it’s on a trainer with Zwift, a spinning workout, or a relaxed leg rotation on the roller.


But indoor riding is not the same as regular riding, which is exactly why we have developed the Ultralight Bib, designed to help you maximize your home training experience.


The Ultralight bib includes side panels and panels on the inside of the thighs that are made of mesh fabric that allows the body to easily emit heat, evaporate sweat and feel more refreshed.


In addition, the bib is equipped with an "endurance" chamois that has an advanced padding system that helps to transfer long saddle hours without pain and maintain excellent blood flow. An endurance pad is also larger than an average pad, which means you can enjoy its cushioning even when you change positions on the saddle.


It is not recommended to ride with this bib outside due to its lack of sun protection.

Ultralight Mesh Bib Shorts

$165.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price

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