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Sporteam - ייצור חולצות רכיבה קאסטום
Samarathon - ייצור חולצות רכיבה

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Full Custom

Delivered in 4 - 6 weeks

  • Over 130 different models. 

  • No minimum order              

  • Free pro design over 40 pieces 

  • Create your own web shop  

  • Tested by pro's


​Delivered in 4 - 6 weeks

  • Over 10 different designs   

  • Reorder your full custom     

  • Express production              

  • No minimum order              

  • Based on 15 Garment types

​* Based on schedule availability



Designed for every ride comfort and performance making it a great choice for teams, clubs and events, large variety of products for Women, Men and kids and great value for money.

Classic Race
Classic R Team
Women Running Round Neck
Micro Fleece Vest
Summer Wind Vest
Running Singlet
Women Running Singlet
Women Running Jersey V Neck
Running Jersey
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Second Skin

Race fit the pro’s and the one the chasing for the KOM/QOM every ride.

Second skin fit made for athletes for best aerodynamic and high technology fabrics for high performance for different weather and conditions

TT Suit Short Sleeve
Pro Summer Jersey
Pro Aero Jersey
Long Sleeve Micro Fleece
3D Mesh Base Layer
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Tailored for kicking trails in style.

Comfort fit made for the one that looks for the jersey that you can keep on for the beer after the ride.

Enduro Round Neck
Enduro V Neck
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Our triathlon collection is developed for men and women of different disciplines. All Triathlon collection products use a range of top-quality fabrics.


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Our Accessories collection completes everything you need for a total outfit. All accessories are created with high-quality fabric for ultimate comfort.

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Design Catalog

Our custom designs catalog is being updated regularly, and new designs are always being added. In order to pick the right design for you, we recommend considering how many logos / graphic artworks you would like to place on a design. Some designs are minimalistic, while others can offer more areas for logos or sponsors

Custom Order Form

Fill in the custom order form below so we can get back to you as soon as possible with further details for completing the order. Please make sure your details are correct and we should get back to you within up to 1 business day.

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